And Yet Love Is Near

by Igniting the Sky

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This work is dedicated to the memory of CPT John David Hortman and to the members of the 160th Special Operations Aviation Regiment, who have been a perfect example of this EP's title. NSDQ.


released November 1, 2011

Igniting the Sky is:
Will All: Bass/Vocals
Cody Fields: Guitar/Vocals
Kristin Holland: Guitar
Nick Klock: Keyboard/Vocals
Stephen LaVine: Vocals
Tom LaVine: Drums/Vocals

All songs written, performed and recorded by Igniting the Sky.
Produced, mixed and mastered by Will All.



all rights reserved


Igniting the Sky Greenville, South Carolina

Greenville, SC's post-hardcore act mixes a mile-wide streak of creativity and a bone jarring live show. A perfect mix of in- your-face aggression and sparkling softer side, Igniting the Sky thrives on its ability to mix the melted faces with brutally honest lyrics. ... more

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Track Name: You Must've Been Something Before Electricity
You make your grand entrance
The nightmare starts
Every time I am plagued with your thoughts
Fire up your memory
I'll tie the ropes
You pull the strings
Relive the night
You took from me
It's every night I dream

Hello, nightmare, watch me fight for life
All I know, all I know
It's all falling apart
Can you please come scratch out both my eyes?
When I look, when I look
I'm still finding new scars

Let me go
Take my heart
You got what you wanted
Please just go
I will play the victim
If you'll just let me be
But I bet you'll play the killer
Tonight for one more dream

Just sing your lullaby
Let's get this over with tonight
Paint me with your memory again in progression's name
Hand me back my chains
Let's watch the mistakes I have made
Tell me nothing's changed and promise me I am still the same

Oh, it was never in the plan to wake
But at least you could have told me

My body's on the floor
It's clear it's your time now
I swear if I get one more shot on you
Just one more shot on you
Just wait 'til I can move
I swear that I will not forget this day
Track Name: You May Fire When Ready
Punish this, punish this heart in me
I need to bleed out
Out the bleak, out the bleak death in me
I need to stop its plan

'Cause it's taking me
Where I don't want to be
Please, please fight for me

'Cause where we end, healing begins
Feel it break in and kill this heart in me
You change everything
Because we are so broken
God, I am so broken
All I know is in me,
Somewhere between
Death and my dreams
You changed everything

Such a broken concept
Such a misread charm you are

I'll disappear tonight
How terrible am I?
I'll reach for you this time
Without fail

Take me out
Throw me on my back
I'll be forced to look back at you
And there I'll have no reason to fall
Take me as I am now
But kill me as I am now
And know I can't be trusted with life at all

Help me lose this life
Help me die tonight
I don't want to be alive

Kill me
Kill me, so I can live
Track Name: Fungo(ne)
Change it, oh change it
What reflection won’t hide; there’s a look in my eyes
Kill him oh kill him
Cause he eats through my soul
He’s so bitter and cold
I know we never choose our nightmares
Our nightmares choose us

All we are is all we're not
We're never good enough
It never hurts if we won’t look
God we’ve got to look

Face down all eyes on me
All eyes on you

I’m trying, I’m trying
But the flaws in my heart, they refuse to depart
Make me God, make me
Take a look at this man
Because I know that I can’t face him
Our reflections can define us
If we won’t face ourselves

Not a second more to waste
No prolonging this escape from my heart to your hands
I can’t look in
I’m wearing thin
I see your struggle here my son
Just carry on, just carry on
I throw the tides; I burn the sun
I say this will be overcome
No depths below, no heights above
Could ever break you of this love
(Your love, oh your love)

All we are is all we're not
We're never good enough
It never hurts if we won’t look
God, we’ve got to look
We can’t stop the bleeding if we can’t find the wound
And every trace of a killer always points back to you
It’s time we looked, time I looked, time to look
God, Set me free from what’s inside me
Carry on, don’t lose heart
Track Name: When Rhyme Meets Reason
I'm the one who's staring at stars
And trying to catch them when they fall
I am now convinced I can reach them
I live in fairytales
Believing they're real
Am I alone?
I hear my own breath
My shadow is dead
I'm thinking my heart just might be next

It's never going to leave me tonight
Though it might when I'm ready to die
I lay beside my heart
Buried in the dark
Searching for the smallest light
Or the darkest bright I can find

My frail heart
Fell apart
With every beat
Hear it sing

Desperate, lonely
God, am I the only
One who's falling
For your beauty?

They don't see you
The way I do
Leave divinity and
Find me here and stay with me
'Til every fear is gone

Desperate, lonely
I'm the only
One who's falling for you

Wait, you're everything I need
Wish I could somehow see
That you are here every time I bleed
For what's inside of me
Those insecurities
That never do fail to plant their seed

You said you're near to the broken...
Track Name: What Doesn't Kill You Makes You Wish It Would
For so long
I watched you as you murdered me
Took my very soul from me
Every time
You'd smile as you'd leave
You knew you had my everything in your hands

Oh, the tides have turned now
You're the one to die now
At my feet, on your knees

I would like to thank these walls
For holding me so long
For holding me so long
I'm coming back now
I would like to thank these chains
For pain with no escape
For pain with no escape
I'm alive now

Do your worst to me now
You'd do good to brace yourself
Because of what's inside of me
I am everything you fear
Fear me
You die now

Tomorrow, the sun will still rise
No matter what
To grace my eyes
And I'm not afraid of you
'Cause I'm not a slave to you
You can't have my heart today
See, I gave it all away
And it's no longer yours to take
It's no longer yesterday

It's your turn to die